Sunday, August 19, 2012


“The planet is fine. The people are fucked.”
                                            ---George Carlin

Leather sandals, plastic heels, flip-flops,
sneakers, boots and beads and tassels 
tagging along the used-to-be Third World sidewalk.
Vehicle mountains racing a beggar's footsteps
who wears the same coat every day
until it rots off his shoulders
and longer.
On the other side
here comes New-Age bullshit where
Authentic-my-Ass robes cover up
forgotten hygiene,
preaching love and peace.

Acceptance leaves me alone
with a cup of decaf
noticing there are no rainbows in
the grey sky, yet butterflies
don't seem to mind
mating on random petals
of short-lived joy.

Cheers to a long life ahead!
Cheers to our flaws and call it

Cheers to growth — because surely
Cannabis wanted to become
an excuse for happiness
for the Holy-Grailing End-of-The-Rainbow seekers.

Cars and people keep passing,
food's being served.
We eat, we talk
we fuck life's muse in a labyrinth
with no second-floor access.

Friday, July 13, 2012


From Day One through the Years 
and the Day After
We ran into Today by chance.
We said "Hello".

It's today. 
Shepherd's Pie and a glass of wine.
Bourbon would be too strong on the subconscious.

Time keeps jogging along bits and tears-
running down, out and away
to tame the wild
to strengthen the weak and
then a breeze comes and blows
for the love of Life.

She woke up to an orgasm form a short nap.

Mornings and nights melt into days 
and more days..
through darkness into light.

The stars are beautiful tonight. Not One Cloud.
The air is as fresh as a cucumber with light yogurt, 
garlic and salt...

The jogger  stops
to breath in love in its non existence.
Sweet incident of miracles and moonlight.


She's a river of thoughts.
He stays on the shore.

Time runs out.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Phoenix Street

‘Hey. What you're doing? Hey!’

   - I am in construction.
I renovate.
I am fixing the cracks.

   - This sidewalk was perfect
before you came here
with your pretty ideas!
I used to be able to walk home
following the
familiar cracks you
call ‘imperfections’.
Imperfections guide me ...
the safe knowing of
where I am at.

   - Look at the trees, Lady,
look around you,
follow the fences,
the gardens instead!

   - It's all subject to change!
The next thing I know
the trees will be cut.
I like them ...when
dressed in white winter.
I will remember them.
I will remember the sidewalk,
and will be missing
the cracks.
With my eyes closed

    - in here -

everything remains
yet nothing exists.
I feel
My words are
My steps
are light.
I feel full
of Nothingness.

   - I am in construction.
I build visible things.
I build the sidewalk.
I make it smooth
with my tools.
For Everybody to
move safely.

    - I am reconstructing.
From Nothing.
Fences and gardens
behind fences
don't interest me
to follow.
I don't care for new roads.
Why doesn't anyone
build one road that
leads ...