Sunday, August 31, 2014

Daisies or Dandelions

A piece of the earth-as we are-
daisies and dandelions
in the spring.

The earth under our feet –
a feeling that holds it all together
beneath the skin,
the making of it, took time.
Time, as it stopped in a moment of joy;
time as it ended abruptly;
time as it passed like fragrance

(Was it daisies? Or dandelions?...)

Time as it came, like
a lover without a message.
Time, as it healed;
Time, as it forgot the need for keys,
time as it revealed other realms;
Time as it slipped and ran wild
like ants from their disturbed nest.

We can rest with
time here.
Why mark it?
why define it -
like daisies, like dandelions,
we bloom and fade,
we bloom,
we fade.


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