Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Little Buzz For The Lovelitlone

For how long can we hold a breath –
For how long can we stand ourselves being inapt, being scarce
in the arms of fate, without faith, how could we find solace
in a motionful lifeflow drifting on the sound of heart ache?

to shut my ears and hear my voice.
To listen, to expand
into a vision – a silent chest
beating near my breasts
tracing love with a lasting breath.
I speak with my eyes –
to be intact like a skinny white cat who found food on a rainy night.
OH… the barking dogs command only the flesh in their
likeness of fear.
Let them bark.
From the first milkshake to the last honey,
from delayed waters to the avalanche that buries
the curious mind outbursts the MYSTICAL.
The downfall to cover the skin, drop to drop,
like blood and tears, washing years of curses clean.

Salvation salivation? Fine… 
Popcorn Princess!

The apocalypse comes undemanded.
Shabby little image of yourself… Burn!
Flames from the wick –
dreams from the mare of the bones!
Burn burn burn yourself!

Love comes from love.

Understanding from a hundred ghosts - a hundred years a mile…
Self-preservation –reach for the salt of the Dead Sea.
Seldom freedom of an archetype;
the love seeker-seer, the lone, the lover
casts her shadow like the ring of Saturn.
Hadiva la vida havida live a diva.

Fast running forests, trains, tunnels, sunlight, moonlight,
Love-lit night-stands, hoppity-hop , it’s the last stop.
The train and the tracks are gone.
Heart. Rhythm. Hunger. Rhythm. Rain. Rhythm.
A wind in wish-washed windows of
the eyes –
No curtains. No religion, no camouflage,
no fear, no flag.

Bow only to love.

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