Friday, July 13, 2012


From Day One through the Years 
and the Day After
We ran into Today by chance.
We said "Hello".

It's today. 
Shepherd's Pie and a glass of wine.
Bourbon would be too strong on the subconscious.

Time keeps jogging along bits and tears-
running down, out and away
to tame the wild
to strengthen the weak and
then a breeze comes and blows
for the love of Life.

She woke up to an orgasm form a short nap.

Mornings and nights melt into days 
and more days..
through darkness into light.

The stars are beautiful tonight. Not One Cloud.
The air is as fresh as a cucumber with light yogurt, 
garlic and salt...

The jogger  stops
to breath in love in its non existence.
Sweet incident of miracles and moonlight.


She's a river of thoughts.
He stays on the shore.

Time runs out.